Caribbean Power Lunch with Kevin Valley

004: Going Green feat. Kerrie-Kim Kirton

January 20, 2018


We get it. It's Saturday and we don't want to take up too much of your time.


That's why today is Quick Bite Saturday!


Here we feature 20-minute conversations with entrepreneurs and their passion projects.


Today, I am rejoined by guest host Kamilah Evans as we continue our conversation with Kerrie-Kim Kirton about marrying his knack for event management with his burning desire to improve our environment.


Cheat Sheet:

  • Kerrie's quest for environmental cleanliness. (0:45)
  • The origin of The Open Circle - an extension of Kerrie's personality. (9:05)
  • Kerrie's long-term goals. (14:54)
  • Building a life that you don't need a vacation from. (16:23)
  • BONUS: The story behind the name "Blaq Phabiyo"
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