Caribbean Power Lunch with Kevin Valley

048: Power Lunch Orange feat. Kevin Valley

October 17, 2019

Kevin Valley gives a tell-all to Dhano Mc Nicol on the We Are Crayons podcast of his journey from timid dreamer to tenacious podcaster.

From a tender age, he always had an innate curiosity for human behaviour and applied to study psychology. Little did he know, the University of the West Indies determined his destiny and placed him as a banking and finance major. Growing up in a family of investment banking siblings and a father who was a minister in the ministry of finance it was a "no brainer" to follow in his family's footsteps amassing over 10 years in the financial services sector.

However, Kevin's inquisitiveness and desire to understand people never left him and he ignited that fuel through his podcast Caribbean power lunch. Drawing from the likes of his favourite podcasters Kevin added his own unique flavour to highlight the journeys of black entrepreneurs and business owners throughout the Caribbean.

Kevin tears down the taboo of black-owned businesses and tells us how he transformed grief into a force to propel him towards self-efficacy and opened up new possibilities and opportunities for himself.


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