Caribbean Power Lunch with Kevin Valley

010: Make it POP! Event Management 101 feat. Brendon Brathwaite

March 13, 2018
Few of us can really appreciate the amount of planning, hard work, and science that goes into producing a truly memorable event - be it a Sports Day, Christmas Gala, Party, etc.
In this Season 1 finale, Kevin is joined by guest host Salene Griffith and Brendon Brathwaite - Founder and Managing Director of BUZZ Concepts Ltd, as he schools us on everything that goes into providing positive, long-lasting experiences for his patrons and how he has been able to build a strong base of corporate clientele.
Brendon has over fifteen years of experience in marketing and event management, and BUZZ Concepts is a full-service experiential event planning agency. BUZZ solves problems with its first-class party rental service and converts the mundane to the memorable, with its engaging suite of signature events in Trinidad & Tobago, NYC, and Barbados.
Episode Highlights:
  • The origin story behind BUZZ Concepts Ltd.
  • Overcoming and being empowered by disabilities.
  • Managing business and personal relationships.
  • How to run a lean, efficient and scalable event management company.
  • A run-through of the event management process from pre-planning, actual coordination and post-production.
  • A public service announcement to all clientele.
  • How to break into the event management industry.
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