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026 - Doing What You MUST feat. Nicole Greene

026 - Doing What You MUST feat. Nicole Greene

November 6, 2018
Nicole Greene is the founder and owner of Dream Life Distributors where she sells exquisite 18K fashion jewellery and genuine sterling silver for the sophisticated and fashion-forward lady.
She has been in business since 2003 and has been able to drive its evolution within that 15-year period. Nicole often draws from her natural talent of sincerely connecting with people to ensure they look and feel absolutely fabulous.
A proud mother of 3, Nicole also provides coaching and guidance to fellow Mompreneurs, and as discussed in this episode; a budding author.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • The "Ah ha!" moment that led to Nicole's entrepreneurial endeavours;
  • How work ethic can trump formal education;
  • The gap filled by Dream Life;
  • Genius Innovation in selling - Wine & WhatsApp; and
  • Advice for entrepreneurs - doing what you M.U.S.T.
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006 - The Business of Fruit Wine feat. Laura Superville

006 - The Business of Fruit Wine feat. Laura Superville

February 6, 2018
Today, we talk about the business of fruit wine and how to develop a wine that tastes like home.
In this episode, I am joined by guest host Alicia Cooper - my colleague at Aspire Fund Management Company Limited, and our featured guest - Laura Superville, Owner and Founder of 11 Degrees North Boutique Wines.
11 Degrees North is a boutique winery which produces tropical fruit wines. As a boutique winery the focus is on quality; therefore, only a small number of bottles are produced annually. It is estate bottled, the fruits are hand-picked and carefully selected, as only the best fruit are used to produce these sophisticated fruit wines.
Available flavours include sorrel, pommerac, starfruit (five finger), cashew and jamun.
Episode Highlights:
  • What inspired Laura to want to turn fruits into wine.
  • Gaining knowledge in the field - winemaking for beginners.
  • Logistics behind scaling production and bottling capabilities, transportation and storage.
  • The story behind the name 11 Degrees North.
  • Kevin attempts to recite the fruit wine making process.
  • The importance of help and support in Business.
  • The roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship and being a niche player in a relatively small local industry.
  • How to get started in producing and selling your own wines.
  • How to get started in other capital-intensive businesses.
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