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006 - The Business of Fruit Wine feat. Laura Superville

006 - The Business of Fruit Wine feat. Laura Superville

February 6, 2018
Today, we talk about the business of fruit wine and how to develop a wine that tastes like home.
In this episode, I am joined by guest host Alicia Cooper - my colleague at Aspire Fund Management Company Limited, and our featured guest - Laura Superville, Owner and Founder of 11 Degrees North Boutique Wines.
11 Degrees North is a boutique winery which produces tropical fruit wines. As a boutique winery the focus is on quality; therefore, only a small number of bottles are produced annually. It is estate bottled, the fruits are hand-picked and carefully selected, as only the best fruit are used to produce these sophisticated fruit wines.
Available flavours include sorrel, pommerac, starfruit (five finger), cashew and jamun.
Episode Highlights:
  • What inspired Laura to want to turn fruits into wine.
  • Gaining knowledge in the field - winemaking for beginners.
  • Logistics behind scaling production and bottling capabilities, transportation and storage.
  • The story behind the name 11 Degrees North.
  • Kevin attempts to recite the fruit wine making process.
  • The importance of help and support in Business.
  • The roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship and being a niche player in a relatively small local industry.
  • How to get started in producing and selling your own wines.
  • How to get started in other capital-intensive businesses.
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