Caribbean Power Lunch with Kevin Valley
011 - #TechBae feat. Elena Dyer

011 - #TechBae feat. Elena Dyer

April 3, 2018
Today we talk tech.
In this episode, Kevin is joined by Elena Dyer, a serial entrepreneur and founder of #TechBae.
#TechBae is a conference series that showcases women who have used technology in their diverse industries, as a vehicle for disruption and innovation.
This episode features a discussion of Elena's past technology-inspired entrepreneurial ventures including:
  1. Futech Services Co Limited - the only English-speaking Training Center in the Caribbean; and
  2. Diembox - a Caribbean lifestyle subscription box of specially-selected products of Caribbean brands as well as international brands that appeal to the Caribbean diaspora.
Other Episode Highlights:
  • About #TechBae
  • From Economics to Tech
  • Is entrepreneurship a cure for boredom?
  • Dealing with negative feedback
  • #TechBae Coding Camp
  • Going from #IdeaToAction
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009 - Wanderscape - From App Idea To Product Launch

009 - Wanderscape - From App Idea To Product Launch

March 6, 2018
In this episode, I am joined by guest host Alicia Cooper from Aspire Fund Management Company Limited, and our featured guests - Stephan James (CEO) and Jamila Bannister (COO) of Wanderscape.
Wanderscape is a travel community and mobile app that connects travelers with unique, immersive experiences by locals.
Episode Highlights:
  • Blending tech with creative branding
  • The birth of Wanderscape
  • Wanderers & Insiders
  • Managing the technology user adoption curve - especially in the Caribbean
  • Platforms vs. Service Providers
  • App Monetization & Growth
  • Building the right team
  • How to go from app idea to product launch
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