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014 - Just Do It feat. Toni Thorne

014 - Just Do It feat. Toni Thorne

April 24, 2018
Today we get straight to the point.
In this episode, Kevin is joined by Toni Thorne, founder, and host of The Toni Thorne Show, which is broadcast in over 30 countries as well as on social media.  
She is an award-winning young entrepreneur & Barbados National Youth Awardee with degrees in Economics, Accounting and Law.
She was the first person of African or Caribbean descent to sit on the Global Youth Leader’s Summit in Europe and qualified for World Debating Championships at the age of 18.
Toni was a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and traveled from South America to Asia representing the region's youth at various WEF events.
As a shaper, she was handpicked from more than two thousand of the world's youth to interview the President of Coca-Cola and the President of Panama.
A former clothing designer, Toni now designs handmade sandals for what has now been referred to as "The Caribbean's sweetest sandal", Sweetheart Sandals.
She is also the owner of the lifestyle curation magazine, Pompasette.
She is the current Vice president of Variety The Children's Charity - Barbados' largest charity dedicated to children.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • Magazines: Paper vs. Digital;
  • Why content is evergreen;
  • The importance of asking for help;
  • Quality vs authenticity;
  • Embracing challenges;
  • Building and trusting your team;
  • Walking in your own shoes;
  • Creating, Innovating, and Making It Happen; and
  • Avoiding analysis paralysis.
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003 - You Have To Be All-In feat. Kerrie-Kim Kirton

003 - You Have To Be All-In feat. Kerrie-Kim Kirton

January 16, 2018


This is what it sounds like when you catch up with an old friend over drinks on a Friday night!


Leading an active lifestyle from a young age, fighting early onset diabetes, becoming an academic scholar - Kerrie-Kim Kirton left his secure corporate job on December 21, 2015, to turn his passion for lifestyle fitness into the business known today as All-In Fitness.


In this episode, I am joined by guest host Kamilah Evans, as we heartily discuss:

  • Why Kerrie is called the 'fittest diabetic' (1:00)
  • Kerrie's 9-month search for employment after successfully completing 2 degrees in Economics (16:56)
  • Leaving the 'safety-net' of the corporate world to pursue your passion (30:00)
  • Building customer loyalty & repeat clientele (35:50)
  • The philosophy behind the brand "All-In Fitness" (40:25)
  • Practical advice for those who believe they are "too busy" to exercise. Yes, you (46:50)
  • More practical advice for listeners. (52:30)

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