Caribbean Power Lunch with Kevin Valley
074: Free Your Mind with Douglas K. Gordon

074: Free Your Mind with Douglas K. Gordon

August 13, 2021

Conferences, Cannabis, and Mushrooms.
These seem disconnected, right?
Well, actually, there’s one common factor…

“Five or six years down the line, if I do nothing… have I really been a good Caribbean citizen?” – Douglas K. Gordon.

Douglas is the founder of CanEx Jamaica Business Conference and Expo, an annual business event that connects top cannabis industry experts, and CEO of Silo Wellness, an alternative, and holistic health company focused on functional mushroom and psychedelic opportunities.

In this episode, Kevin Valley speaks with Douglas K. Gordon about the business of natural medicine business while addressing misconceptions and misinformation about cannabis and functional mushrooms.  

Controversial? Perhaps. Informative? Yes!

This conversation uncovers:

  • Strategies used to create, maneuver challenges and expand a premier Caribbean event.
  • The story behind the legacy collaboration with the Marley brand.
  • The mind, body, and soul… Rest, resetting, and restoration through nature.
071: Defending Business Value with Kevin Valley

071: Defending Business Value with Kevin Valley

July 21, 2021

Unless a valuation can withstand intense scrutiny - it is just a number.

Defensibility is everything.

Whether you are seeking to raise capital, negotiate investment terms, or sell your business - a defensible valuation is your starting point.  

In this episode, Chartered Business Valuator, Kevin Valley discusses how a valuation engagement is conducted and what determines the value of your business.

060: The Insider‘s Guide to Digital Business feat. Shelly-Ann Gajadhar and Keron Rose

060: The Insider‘s Guide to Digital Business feat. Shelly-Ann Gajadhar and Keron Rose

May 1, 2020

As business owners during these trying times, we are constantly being advised to ‘go digital’ in order to be sustainable and agile. However, putting that into action does not look the same for everyone. Should we start with a website or build an Instagram following? How much does it cost?

In this our first Become Investible RoundTable discussion, we discuss how to utilize different digital tools to manage, market, and grow a business, and analyze and leverage data to make the most of digital investments. Both Shelly-Ann Gajadhar and Keron Rose have built and grown their own businesses using different digital strategies.

Tune in to learn from their experiences and get the information needed to build out an effective digital strategy for any business.

047: Round the Calabash feat. Kevin Valley

047: Round the Calabash feat. Kevin Valley

June 12, 2019

Kevin Valley gets interviewed on radio station WPFW 89.3FM in Washington DC by the folks of Timba Republic. 


046: Mindset | Skillset | Reset feat. Selwyn Cambridge

046: Mindset | Skillset | Reset feat. Selwyn Cambridge

May 2, 2019

Selwyn is the Founder and Creative Director of TEN Habitat, which is the entrepreneurship hub located in Barbados and producer of the signature event - Caribbean Startup Summit.

The Caribbean Startup Summit is TEN Habitat's flagship annual event. It brings together a global team of startup experts, founders and entrepreneur resource providers to help empower startups in the region. The event is designed to inspire dreamers and empower ideas.

Selwyn's brand development work has been featured on several international campaigns to create new brand identities and increase market penetration and has also been immortalized on the Guyanese $5 coin which he designed.

Turn up the volume and enjoy this discussion as we dissect Selwyn's formula of Mindset | Skillset | Reset as the key to sustainable success in business.


037: A Disruptive Conversation feat. Keita Demming

037: A Disruptive Conversation feat. Keita Demming

February 26, 2019

The man behind TEDxPortOfSpain.

Keita Demming helps companies identify and implement plausible innovation opportunities. In his line of work, he transforms companies into places and spaces that are idea-driven and people-centered. These companies foster cultures that embrace design, accountability, foresight, strategy, and innovation. High performing organizations have highly engaged and effective employees. They are wonderful places to work, play, and belong.

Keita is also a Partner and Head of Innovation and Development at The Covenant Group (TCG); Keita also founded the Disruptive Conversations podcast, where he unpacks how people who are working to disrupt a sector or system think.

In this episode, we discuss:

- Challenging the Status Quo;
- The Road-map to Identifying and Catalyzing Plausible Innovation Opportunities; and
- 2 Things Fundamental to Success in Innovation.

034: Finding Your Purpose feat. Shelly-Ann Gajadhar

034: Finding Your Purpose feat. Shelly-Ann Gajadhar

February 5, 2019

A former state prosecutor, Shelly-Ann Gajadhar is a career and professional development coach who specializes in helping people discover their purpose in life, and walking boldly into that purpose through her company Alphastute.


In this episode, we discuss:

- Shelly's key tips for finding purpose in our lives

- Shelly's personal journey of finding her own purpose

- Education vs. Academics


Be sure to share this episode with someone you think can find value in it.

028: Doing What You MUST feat. Nicole Greene

028: Doing What You MUST feat. Nicole Greene

November 6, 2018
Nicole Greene is the founder and owner of Dream Life Distributors where she sells exquisite 18K fashion jewellery and genuine sterling silver for the sophisticated and fashion-forward lady.
She has been in business since 2003 and has been able to drive its evolution within that 15-year period. Nicole often draws from her natural talent of sincerely connecting with people to ensure they look and feel absolutely fabulous.
A proud mother of 3, Nicole also provides coaching and guidance to fellow Mompreneurs, and as discussed in this episode; a budding author.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • The "Ah ha!" moment that led to Nicole's entrepreneurial endeavours;
  • How work ethic can trump formal education;
  • The gap filled by Dream Life;
  • Genius Innovation in selling - Wine & WhatsApp; and
  • Advice for entrepreneurs - doing what you M.U.S.T.
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018: Comedian Not Clown feat. Keevan KEEVO Lewis

018: Comedian Not Clown feat. Keevan KEEVO Lewis

May 15, 2018
Today, Kevin is joined by Salene Griffith as we sit and have a laugh with comedian Keevan "KEEVO" Lewis who has built his fame from the ground up by strategically using social media as a platform to not only showcase his comedic wit, but also to create a business in and of himself.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • Couple Up TT: Keevo's new romance web series;
  • The mission behind Keevo's comedy and why he keeps it clean;
  • Content creation inspiration and process;
  • Recovering from a bad day on stage;
  • BLAC Sheep Barbershop: Business, Leadership, Awareness and Charity;
  • PUMP: Business Networking Events and Boat Rides :D
  • How to build a following - organically;
  • Event Hosting;
  • Aligning with the right brands; and
  • Practical advice for listeners. 
010: Make it POP! Event Management 101 feat. Brendon Brathwaite

010: Make it POP! Event Management 101 feat. Brendon Brathwaite

March 13, 2018
Few of us can really appreciate the amount of planning, hard work, and science that goes into producing a truly memorable event - be it a Sports Day, Christmas Gala, Party, etc.
In this Season 1 finale, Kevin is joined by guest host Salene Griffith and Brendon Brathwaite - Founder and Managing Director of BUZZ Concepts Ltd, as he schools us on everything that goes into providing positive, long-lasting experiences for his patrons and how he has been able to build a strong base of corporate clientele.
Brendon has over fifteen years of experience in marketing and event management, and BUZZ Concepts is a full-service experiential event planning agency. BUZZ solves problems with its first-class party rental service and converts the mundane to the memorable, with its engaging suite of signature events in Trinidad & Tobago, NYC, and Barbados.
Episode Highlights:
  • The origin story behind BUZZ Concepts Ltd.
  • Overcoming and being empowered by disabilities.
  • Managing business and personal relationships.
  • How to run a lean, efficient and scalable event management company.
  • A run-through of the event management process from pre-planning, actual coordination and post-production.
  • A public service announcement to all clientele.
  • How to break into the event management industry.
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