Caribbean Power Lunch with Kevin Valley
048: My Money & Me feat. Melinda Belle

048: My Money & Me feat. Melinda Belle

January 7, 2020

Money may not buy happiness but it sure does give you options!

On this episode, financial planner Melinda Belle reveals simple strategies for debt management, and also shares some tips for budgeting, saving, and giving your money purpose and direction. Find out how to improve your “financial self-esteem”, the power of tracking your spending, and why you should really stop comparing yourself with others.

Ever wondered how you can build a business with zero dollars?

Tune in to find out!

021 - CASH FLOW feat. Roger Moore

021 - CASH FLOW feat. Roger Moore

October 2, 2018
Today is all about CASH FLOW - based on the famous Rich Dad, Poor Dad - authored by Robert Kiyosaki.
In this episode, Kevin is joined by specially invited co-host Emma Charles, and our featured guest; Roger Moore.
Roger Moore is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a passion for franchises that generate high monthly cash flows. Since 2005, Roger has embarked upon a personal mission to educate the masses through a technique known as simulation-based learning. He does this through his entrepreneurial endeavours such as:
  1. Cashflow Club (Trinidad and Tobago), which uses the six-time New York Times Bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ to demonstrate the simplicity of the CASH FLOW concept which has proven to be highly successful worldwide;
  2. Mad Science – Eastern Caribbean, a leading science enrichment provider that delivers unique, hands-on science experiences for children that are as entertaining as they are educational; and
  3. RE/MAX Caribbean, part of an international Real Estate Franchise with over 6,700 independently owned and operated offices across the globe.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • The nexus between athletics and business strategy;
  • Simulation-based learning vs. classroom learning;
  • The need for proper financial training;
  • The value in the franchise model;
  • Reframing how we look at assets and liabilities; and
  • The business case for legalizing Marijuana.
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