Caribbean Power Lunch with Kevin Valley
025: More Than a Host feat. Hans Des Vignes

025: More Than a Host feat. Hans Des Vignes

October 16, 2018
In this episode, Kevin is joined by specially invited co-host Osei Wright-Alexis, and our featured guest; Hans Des Vignes, Owner of Hand-to-Hand Productions.
As a radio and television presenter Hans Des Vignes is one of the most respected personalities in media in Trinidad and Tobago.
He has produced and worked on some of the top shows that promote soca in Trinidad and Tobago from hosting TV broadcasts for Soca Monarch and Machel Monday, as well as hosting and even producing Carnival Acoustic, Promenade Countdown, Synergy TV's De Scene and Synergy TV Soca Star.
As an event host/hype man he has also been featured in some of the biggest events in Trinidad and Tobago and has also been hired throughout the region and the world.
As a manager of artists and promoter of music he has worked with the HD family as well as helped nurture and promote the next-generation of soca artists.
He is also respected as an individual that knows a hit when he hears it.
Hans can be heard daily on Trinidad and Tobago's #1 radio station Boom Champions 94.1fm and seen during the Secondary School's football league regionally on Sportsmax and CNC3.
Topics Discussed:
  • Awareness and presence of mind
  • Perspective and growth
  • Becoming the greatest version of yourself
  • Ownership, and
  • Building structure in our lives.
018: Comedian Not Clown feat. Keevan KEEVO Lewis

018: Comedian Not Clown feat. Keevan KEEVO Lewis

May 15, 2018
Today, Kevin is joined by Salene Griffith as we sit and have a laugh with comedian Keevan "KEEVO" Lewis who has built his fame from the ground up by strategically using social media as a platform to not only showcase his comedic wit, but also to create a business in and of himself.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • Couple Up TT: Keevo's new romance web series;
  • The mission behind Keevo's comedy and why he keeps it clean;
  • Content creation inspiration and process;
  • Recovering from a bad day on stage;
  • BLAC Sheep Barbershop: Business, Leadership, Awareness and Charity;
  • PUMP: Business Networking Events and Boat Rides :D
  • How to build a following - organically;
  • Event Hosting;
  • Aligning with the right brands; and
  • Practical advice for listeners. 
005: How I Became a Multipreneur feat. Jerome Precilla

005: How I Became a Multipreneur feat. Jerome Precilla

January 23, 2018

Today, we talk about how to systemize your way into a successful and stress-free life - both personally and professionally.


In this episode, I am joined by guest host Salene Griffith and our featured guest - Jerome "ROME" Precilla,  known for his various ventures including:
- Event Management,
- Event Hosting,
- Soca, Parang, and Chutney Soca, and
- Quik Slice Pizza.

All while being a full-time Mechanical Engineer Superintendent overseeing 20+ staff members.



In this episode, we discuss:

  • Building a solid foundation through a good education.
  • Rome's passion for music from a young age.
  • How to run an award-winning food joint without being able to cook - the secret recipe.
  • How to get your songs played on the radio as a new Artiste - think outside the box.
  • Speaking your goals into existence.
  • Why you should get a professional to host your wedding.
  • Effective time management skills to make you more productive and socially present, and less stressed out.
  • Importance of team support.
  • Staying humble in the midst of success.
  • Practical advice for listeners. 






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