021 - CASH FLOW with Roger Moore

October 2, 2018
Today is all about CASH FLOW - based on the famous Rich Dad, Poor Dad - authored by Robert Kiyosaki.
In this episode, Kevin is joined by specially invited co-host Emma Charles, and our featured guest; Roger Moore.
Roger Moore is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a passion for franchises that generate high monthly cash flows. Since 2005, Roger has embarked upon a personal mission to educate the masses through a technique known as simulation-based learning. He does this through his entrepreneurial endeavours such as:
  1. Cashflow Club (Trinidad and Tobago), which uses the six-time New York Times Bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ to demonstrate the simplicity of the CASH FLOW concept which has proven to be highly successful worldwide;
  2. Mad Science – Eastern Caribbean, a leading science enrichment provider that delivers unique, hands-on science experiences for children that are as entertaining as they are educational; and
  3. RE/MAX Caribbean, part of an international Real Estate Franchise with over 6,700 independently owned and operated offices across the globe.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • The nexus between athletics and business strategy;
  • Simulation-based learning vs. classroom learning;
  • The need for proper financial training;
  • The value in the franchise model;
  • Reframing how we look at assets and liabilities; and
  • The business case for legalizing Marijuana.

020 - Social Entrepreneurship with Sian Cuffy-Young

June 5, 2018
Sian Cuffy-Young has worked in the environmental field for over 13 years in two of the most challenging sectors in our industry - waste management and mining and have gained a wealth of experience there.
In this feature, Kevin is joined by co-host Zahra Alleyne, and location sponsor Irvin Davis of Davis Ecolife, as we discuss Social Entrepreneurship with Sian, through her company Siel Environmental Limited.
This innovative, education-centered company provides clients with products and services that protect the environment.
The core of the business focuses on Environmental Education Campaigns, Solid Waste Management Consulting, Land Rehabilitation services specific to quarries and mines, and the sale and distribution of VegwareTM compostable/biodegradable products.
The company caters to the following clients:
  • Quarry Operators,
  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Community-Based Organisations (CBOs),
  • Businesses,
  • Schools, and
  • Environmental-based companies.
The company's mission is to foster partnerships that will create positive behavioural change towards environmental issues through environmental education and consulting.
In this feature, we discuss:
  • Sian's journey and reason for becoming an environmental entrepreneur,
  • Reframing her mindset from student and employee to business owner,
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Environment and Business Case,
  • How to get started without funding #IdeaToAction,
  • An introduction to landfilling, and
  • What's next for Siel Environmental.
Reach Sian and Siel Environmental On:
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019 - Let’s Talk Mobile with Keron Mc Leish - Part 2

June 1, 2018
In part 2 of this feature with Keron Mc Leish of Droid Island, we discuss:
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019 - Let’s Talk Mobile with Keron Mc Leish - Part 1

May 29, 2018
More and more, IP and content-based businesses have been popping up as alternatives to conventional brick and mortar businesses.
In this 2-part feature, Kevin is joined by specially invited co-host Osei-Wright Alexis of Incentivize Networks, and our featured guest; Keron Mc Leish, Mobile Expert and Founder of Droid Island.
Droid Island is a Caribbean based retail company that also provides the latest in tech news, reviews, discussions through its various mediums.
In this day in age, nobody buys smartphones based off commercials or brand ambassadors. When new tech comes out, we all run to our favorite tech reviewers to hear their thoughts and get an informed decision on whether we should buy.
Droid Island is the fusion between tech reviewer and retailer. The Caribbean now has their own experts that can identify with our unique market and help us make informed decisions on the tech we love.
In part 1 of this feature, we discuss:
  • Keron's journey from being a smartphone salesman in Canada for over a decade to being a Mobile Authority in the Caribbean,
  • Content Marketing: its value and how it works, and
  • How to assess value for money when purchasing smartphones in the Caribbean.
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018 - Small Business 101 with Emma Charles

May 22, 2018
On Caribbean Power Lunch Podcast, we love to talk about going from #IdeaToAction. The inspirational (and sometimes transformational) entrepreneurs we interview always advise budding business owners to JUST GET STARTED.
But what about after we have started and proven our concept and want to go official?
How do we go about incorporating our business?
What measures do we need to put in place to stay out of legal trouble?
How do we protect our company's intellectual property from lazy thieves?
What about taxes? 😫
Consultants? Freelancers?
Today, Kevin is joined by Emma Charles, Attorney and Small Business Coach as we discuss:
  • Small Business Simplified - How it works,
  • Why incorporate a limited company versus being a sole trader,
  • How to register as a limited company,
  • Important legal contracts to protect your business,
  • Protecting yourself as a freelancer or consultant,
  • Protecting your intellectual property,
  • Emma's secret to success, and
  • One World, One Legal System?
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017 - Comedian Not Clown with Keevan KEEVO Lewis

May 15, 2018
Today, Kevin is joined by Salene Griffith as we sit and have a laugh with comedian Keevan "KEEVO" Lewis who has built his fame from the ground up by strategically using social media as a platform to not only showcase his comedic wit, but also to create a business in and of himself.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • Couple Up TT: Keevo's new romance web series;
  • The mission behind Keevo's comedy and why he keeps it clean;
  • Content creation inspiration and process;
  • Recovering from a bad day on stage;
  • BLAC Sheep Barbershop: Business, Leadership, Awareness and Charity;
  • PUMP: Business Networking Events and Boat Rides :D
  • How to build a following - organically;
  • Event Hosting;
  • Aligning with the right brands; and
  • Practical advice for listeners. 

016 - Bringing Silicon Valley to The Caribbean with Kyle Maloney

May 8, 2018
Today we talk about bringing Silicon Valley to the Caribbean.
In this episode, Kevin is joined by specially invited co-host Osei-Wright Alexis of Incentivize Networks, and our featured guest; Kyle Maloney - Co-Founder of Tech Beach Retreat, ChefMade, Nous Tech, and F1RST Media.
Technology and Entrepreneurship have the power to catapult the Caribbean Region. Tech Beach is bridging the gap between the Global Technology Leaders and the Caribbean; empowering more people and companies in the Caribbean to act locally, but think globally.
ChefMade is a healthy and delicious food service company in Trinidad & Tobago that focuses on making well balanced meals at an affordable price.
In this episode, we cover:
  • How ChefMade works;
  • Kyle's relationship with his brother Nicolas;
  • Entrepreneurial mindset from a young age;
  • Novus Tech Limited - Sustainable Energy;
  • The value of being over-prepared;
  • The reality of the Silicon Valley Boys' Club;
  • Tech Beach Retreat conference series;
  • The power of having a strong "Why";
  • The future landscape of tech in the Caribbean;
  • The rise, fall, and reincarnation of F1RST; and
  • Harnessing the power of fear.
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015 - Making Life Easy with Quick Delivery St. Lucia

May 1, 2018
In this episode, Kevin is joined by guest host Zahra Alleyne, and our featured guests - Gregory Sydney (Founder) and Carissa Daniel (Consultant Team Lead) of Quick Delivery SLU.
Quick Delivery specializes in saving customers time and providing them with convenience through the delivery of:
  • Restaurant Food,
  • Groceries,
  • Medication,
  • Bill Payment & Courier Services.
Today we discuss:
  • How the Quick Delivery service works,
  • How the Quick Delivery platform was built,
  • How the company manages the logistics,
  • Why you need a Business Coach,
  • Fostering a customer service culture,
  • World domination, and
  • Why you should always listen to your customers.

Quick Bite 2 - Branding School with Jamila Bannister

April 28, 2018
Welcome to Quick Bite Saturday!
Here, we feature short conversations with entrepreneurs and catch up on their new projects.
Today, Kevin is rejoined by Branding Consultant, Jamila Bannister as we discuss:
  • Her new website and branding academy,
  • Getting the most value out of your website,
  • Going from being invisible to being influential,
  • The Sponsorship Environment and how it has changed,
  • Methods of collecting data on potential customers, and
  • How to be consistent with your social media engagement without being annoying.
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014 - JUST DO IT featuring Toni Thorne

April 24, 2018
Today we get straight to the point.
In this episode, Kevin is joined by Toni Thorne, founder, and host of The Toni Thorne Show, which is broadcast in over 30 countries as well as on social media.  
She is an award-winning young entrepreneur & Barbados National Youth Awardee with degrees in Economics, Accounting and Law.
She was the first person of African or Caribbean descent to sit on the Global Youth Leader’s Summit in Europe and qualified for World Debating Championships at the age of 18.
Toni was a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and traveled from South America to Asia representing the region's youth at various WEF events.
As a shaper, she was handpicked from more than two thousand of the world's youth to interview the President of Coca-Cola and the President of Panama.
A former clothing designer, Toni now designs handmade sandals for what has now been referred to as "The Caribbean's sweetest sandal", Sweetheart Sandals.
She is also the owner of the lifestyle curation magazine, Pompasette.
She is the current Vice president of Variety The Children's Charity - Barbados' largest charity dedicated to children.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • Magazines: Paper vs. Digital;
  • Why content is evergreen;
  • The importance of asking for help;
  • Quality vs authenticity;
  • Embracing challenges;
  • Building and trusting your team;
  • Walking in your own shoes;
  • Creating, Innovating, and Making It Happen; and
  • Avoiding analysis paralysis.
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013 - DAZZLE Magazine with Rankin Morgan

April 17, 2018
Today, we spread love to the St. Lucian family as Kevin is joined by guest host Salene Griffith and our featured guest - Rankin Morgan,  widely known as the award-winning founder and publisher of DAZZLE Magazine.
The Dazzle Magazine is a free bi-monthly publication that features young professionals and entrepreneurs. The magazine aims to inspire and empower St.Lucian and Caribbean youth.
The magazine caters to a demographic that ranges between ages 18 – 50 with an island-wide reach of 36,000 and a digital reach of 57,080 St. Lucians, and has franchised out to neighbouring islands St. Vincent and Barbados.
In this episode, we discuss Rankin's exciting entrepreneurship journey including:
  • Life in London
  • The origin story behind Dazzle Magazine
  • Branding vs. Naming
  • Getting buy-in from the masses
  • Paper vs. Digital
  • The content creation and publication process
  • Rankin's other ventures, and
  • The St. Lucian Government & Entrepreneurship.
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012 - As We Go Cashless with Barter Plus

April 11, 2018
Today we talk about the future landscape of the cashless economy.
In this episode, Kevin is joined by guest host Salene Griffith and featured guests - Dunstan Lodge Jr. and Jo-Anne Lodge; the husband and wife team of Barter plus.
Barter plus is the first cashless trade exchange platform in T&T, with a mission to establish and grow the cashless trade exchange business in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region.
Episode Highlights:
  • What is reciprocal trading?
  • Converting spare capacity into savings
  • Making uncertainty your friend.
  • Why Barter?
  • Getting started with Barter plus
  • The cashless economy
  • Barter income is taxable just like cash.

See more at https://caribbeanpowerlunch.com/012