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029 - Lights, Camera, Action feat. Lisa Wickham

029 - Lights, Camera, Action feat. Lisa Wickham

December 4, 2018
Lisa Wickham is an award-winning media producer, director, and television personality. She has an MBA with distinction and is the:
  • Founder of Imagine Media International Limited – a multi-media production, event management and public relations (PR) enterprise based in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Founder and Publisher of E-Zone the Mag! magazine, which is based on a show she co-presented.
  • Founder of the Caribbean Film and Media Academy.
  • Co-founder of the health and fitness system "Sokafit".
  • Author of the book "On A positive note: Words of inspiration".
Lisa has mentored hundreds of young people in:
  • life skills
  • public speaking
  • communication
  • leadership
  • film and television
  • entrepreneurship
  • marketing
  • strategy
  • innovation, and
  • good citizenship.
025 - Social Innovation feat. Candice Lela Rolingson

025 - Social Innovation feat. Candice Lela Rolingson

October 30, 2018
Here we take a deep dive into Social Innovation in the Creative Sector with Candice Lela Rolingson.
Candice is an accomplished innovator and business developer who’s always been passionate about tourism, creative industries, and technology. She has successfully launched ventures in film, fashion, beauty, wellness & lifestyle, in addition to facilitating business model development and branding strategies to various business products and individuals.
An international award-winning Executive Producer with a talent for research methods, Candice has developed exceptional skills in project managing the production of documentaries, feature films and commercially-branded entertainment for web & television advertisements, events, media and motion pictures. Moreover, she specializes in Caribbean Film Locations and Tourist Destination Management for international productions.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • The concept of Social Innovation;
  • Why Social?;
  • The vision, creation and production process, and impact of the film "Positive and Pregnant";
  • Location Management;
  • "Our Ethiopia" short film series;
  • Building awareness of local creative projects; and
  • The Caribbean's role in Global Diversity.
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