036: Fusion Adventure Races with Charles Bobb-Semple

March 12, 2019

Charles Bobb-Semple is the man behind FUSION ADVENTURE RACE.

FUSION ADVENTURE RACE is an annual physical and intellectually challenging sporting event that demands courage, commitment, fortitude, stamina, and teamwork.

The event, which recognizes three categories, namely Male, Female and Mixed, takes competitors through mountain trails and other terrains, offering the opportunity for persons to discover the veiled treasures of the island from a unique perspective.

Fusion has earned its place as the premier adventure race in Trinidad & Tobago and takes competitors through mountain trails, offering the opportunity for athletes to discover the veiled treasures of the island from a unique perspective. Additionally, it offers intrigue as participants are only informed of what is required of them at each successive stage; emphasis is placed on teamwork, rather than individual achievement.

In this episode, we discuss:
- The Genesis behind the creation of Fusion;
- The Severe level of logistics and planning that goes into this event; and
- Why crossing the finish line will help you learn more about yourself.



035: Health is Wealth with Kaylan Bartholomew

March 5, 2019
Kaylan Bartholomew helps busy people make healthier choices for themselves and their families creating a balanced and joyful life.
She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Hatha Yoga Instructor who uses a holistic approach, recognizing that real food and exercise are only a part of what brings us balance and helps her clients explore all areas of their lives – love, relationships, career, money, spirituality and the environment. She incorporates her training as a yoga instructor to bring mindfulness, breathing techniques, energy awareness, meditation and yoga postures to help relieve stress, a significant contributor to our health. Her clients have been able to boost their energy, lose weight, diminish cravings, improve chronic health conditions, reduce stress, get the kids to eat healthier and overall improve the family connection.
Kaylan graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the world, where she learned practical lifestyle management techniques and over 100 dietary theories. Kaylan received her hatha yoga certification through Bliss Yoga Trinidad’s 200-hour Teacher Training Program.
Kaylan is also a licensed instructor for the Springboard Women’s Development Programme, a revolutionary personal development program for women.
In this episode, we discuss:
- 21-Day Detox: Revive, Renew, Restore;
- Why True Health Involves the Body, Mind, and Soul; and
- Being Clear on Your Health Goals.

034: A Disruptive Conversation with Keita Demming

February 26, 2019

The man behind TEDxPortOfSpain.

Keita Demming helps companies identify and implement plausible innovation opportunities. In his line of work, he transforms companies into places and spaces that are idea-driven and people-centered. These companies foster cultures that embrace design, accountability, foresight, strategy, and innovation. High performing organizations have highly engaged and effective employees. They are wonderful places to work, play, and belong.

Keita is also a Partner and Head of Innovation and Development at The Covenant Group (TCG); Keita also founded the Disruptive Conversations podcast, where he unpacks how people who are working to disrupt a sector or system think.

In this episode, we discuss:

- Challenging the Status Quo;
- The Road-map to Identifying and Catalyzing Plausible Innovation Opportunities; and
- 2 Things Fundamental to Success in Innovation.

033: Identity, Ideas, Implementation, and Impact with Alian Ollivierre

February 19, 2019

Alian Ollivierre develops dynamic people, enterprises, and winning strategies through consulting, training and coaching. 

As the Director at Gateway International Inc., a training and consultancy agency for professionals and enterprises, Alian systematically develops curriculum and delivers training programmes for regional and international agencies that serve employees, entrepreneurs and leaders. 

In this episode, we discuss:

- 5 Steps for Business Idea Generation

- How Employees and Employers should think about Partnerships

032: Life Engineering with Gregory Skeete

February 12, 2019

An engineering professional, award-winning author, globally certified coach, trainer and speaker, Gregory Skeete helps people and organizations of all types and stages achieve peak performance through his company Life Engineer Inc.


In this episode, we discuss:
- 5 P’s to turbocharge your professional performance,
- 3 Lessons from Entrepreneurship that can boost job performance,
- A different approach to Leadership, and
- Living your life by design.


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031: Finding Your Purpose with Shelly-Ann Gajadhar

February 5, 2019

A former state prosecutor, Shelly-Ann Gajadhar is a career and professional development coach who specializes in helping people discover their purpose in life, and walking boldly into that purpose through her company Alphastute.


In this episode, we discuss:

- Shelly's key tips for finding purpose in our lives

- Shelly's personal journey of finding her own purpose

- Education vs. Academics


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030: The Hardest Part is to Start with Toni Thorne

December 11, 2018

Who is Toni Thorne?

  • Entrepreneur who started her first business at age 7.
  • Self-starter: “If I say I’m going to do something, I find a way I get it done.”
  • “The hardest thing is to start.”
  • Pursue what you are interested in and what will energize you: “You have to be very clear in what you want from life.”
  • Motto: “Be true to yourself.” – you are your own biggest obstacle.

Experience of Business

  • Pursue Your Interests:
  • Know Your Business Inside Out
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Align Your Interests
  • Finding a Mentor
  • Understand and Embrace Failure
  • Favourite Failure Story.

Black Entrepreneurship

  • There is a mindset issue which is keeping Caribbean businesses, particularly Black businesses, from growing as they should: “People would rather own 0% of nothing than 5% of something.” – instead of collaborating and supporting one another, they would rather compete.
  • The Black experience in Barbados, a predominantly Black country, is one in which Black people are treated as minorities and racism is an endemic issue
    • Upper financial class does not reflect the racial composition of the country, which affects the level of entrepreneurship and business entry
  • Experiences of being Black worldwide are unique experiences
    • A study on the business loan process conducted by Harvard University revealed Black entrepreneurs in the USA have to deal with much more stringent policies and procedures than White entrepreneurs with similar or lesser qualifying requirements. This experience of different rules for Black business owners and Black entrepreneurs is also true in Barbados and serves as an obstacle which Black entrepreneurs have to determine how to overcome.
  • Black parents have until recently tended to be more conservative, encouraging children to follow a more secure, traditional path and may not have supported entrepreneurship as it seemed too risky
    • This stems partly from a historical experience of oppression and disadvantage which has caused them to be more risk-averse.
    • That mindset is slowly changing, which is necessary to spur on generational wealth and generational business growth
    • White peers may have a different upbringing and exposure to family businesses and business mindset earlier on
  • Black entrepreneurs must recognize that although social structures may cause them to be at a disadvantage, they can and must then make their own paths to success, be creative in how they pursue structuring and financing their businesses and set their own goals for measuring success.

029 - LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! with Lisa Wickham

December 4, 2018
Lisa Wickham is an award-winning media producer, director, and television personality. She has an MBA with distinction and is the:
  • Founder of Imagine Media International Limited – a multi-media production, event management and public relations (PR) enterprise based in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Founder and Publisher of E-Zone the Mag! magazine, which is based on a show she co-presented.
  • Founder of the Caribbean Film and Media Academy.
  • Co-founder of the health and fitness system "Sokafit".
  • Author of the book "On A positive note: Words of inspiration".
Lisa has mentored hundreds of young people in:
  • life skills
  • public speaking
  • communication
  • leadership
  • film and television
  • entrepreneurship
  • marketing
  • strategy
  • innovation, and
  • good citizenship.

028 - The Green Screen with Carver Bacchus

November 27, 2018
Carver Bacchus is the Managing Director of Sustain T&T, a social enterprise producing and exhibiting educational film content in the areas of environment and sustainability. He has over 15 years of professional experience in the areas of Management and Marketing, in both the public and private sectors.
He leads Sustain T&T in providing branding, communications and visibility services to agencies with a public education mandate, informing audiences about issues affecting them, like climate change.
Green Screen - The Environmental Film Series, is Sustain T&T’s marquee event, bringing environmentally themed films and discussions to communities in Trinidad and Tobago on an annual basis.

027 - The Power of Mindfulness with Makeda McKenzie

November 20, 2018

Ms. McKenzie is the founder and managing consultant of the Caribbean Mindfulness Institute (CMI). She received her mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) training from the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine (UCSD), widely considered to be one of the preeminent thought and research leaders in the field of Mindfulness Studies. MBSR uses a combination of mindfulness meditation, body awareness, and yoga to help people calm their mind and body to better cope with stress, illness, and pain.

In this episode we discuss:
  • Makeda's Journey to Mindfulness;
  • Meditation;
  • The Science of Happiness;
  • The Power of the Pause;
  • Class: 5 Weeks to Peace;
  • Mental Body Scanning & Self-Awareness;
  • Making Mindfulness a Business;
  • Winning Business: Turning "NO" into "YES"; and
  • Next Steps for the Caribbean Mindfulness Institute.


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Become Investible: Building Generational Wealth with Kerwyn Valley

November 13, 2018

Check out our brand new podcast: Become Investible. [https://becomeinvestible.com]

In this episode, we talk to Kerwyn Valley; CEO and majority owner of KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited, and Founder and  Managing Director of Aspire Fund Management  Company  Limited. Aspire is a small-cap private equity management company focused on growth-stage private sector investments throughout the Caribbean. 

In  2004,  Kerwyn joined  AIC  Financial Group in Trinidad and Tobago to develop the Group ’s regional Trade  Finance  Division.  In  2008, Kerwyn became CEO  of AIC  Finance Limited and in  2010 he was also appointed CEO  of  AIC  Capital Market  Brokers  Limited.    In  February  2011,  he led the successful management buy-out of  AIC  Capital  Market Brokers which has been rebranded as KCL  Capital Market  Brokers  Limited.


Episode Flow:

  1. Moving from Employee to Owner
  2. Weighing the Risks
  3. Building Generational Wealth
  4. Creating Wealth in the Caribbean
  5. Overcoming Fear
  6. How to Identify a Good Business
  7. The Importance of Providing the Money in the Middle (Putting Professional Capital to Work)
  8. Questions From Social Media


026 - Doing What You MUST with Nicole Greene

November 6, 2018
Nicole Greene is the founder and owner of Dream Life Distributors where she sells exquisite 18K fashion jewellery and genuine sterling silver for the sophisticated and fashion-forward lady.
She has been in business since 2003 and has been able to drive its evolution within that 15-year period. Nicole often draws from her natural talent of sincerely connecting with people to ensure they look and feel absolutely fabulous.
A proud mother of 3, Nicole also provides coaching and guidance to fellow Mompreneurs, and as discussed in this episode; a budding author.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • The "Ah ha!" moment that led to Nicole's entrepreneurial endeavours;
  • How work ethic can trump formal education;
  • The gap filled by Dream Life;
  • Genius Innovation in selling - Wine & WhatsApp; and
  • Advice for entrepreneurs - doing what you M.U.S.T.
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